Laser Hair Removal Prices Houston

At Renova Laser Hair Removal & MedSpa, we couples our leading technology and highly qualified medical staff with the most affordable laser hair removal prices Houston. When it comes to your quality laser hair removal treatments, we do NOT cut any corners; the only thing we cut is our price! Moreover, we understand that this investment in you is significant – we include Renova Laser’s Lifetime Guarantee with all laser hair removal package to safeguard your investment.

Additionally, we are happy to provide our clients with in-house financing option. Schedule a FREE consultation and enjoy the affordable laser hair removal prices, as well as in-house financing options. Please contact us by phone at 832-831-7004 or by email at Our operators are available to answer your questions 24/7 by phone or email.

Laser Hair Removal Sale
Full Body Special Offer
– $1,750 Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package 

(includes 6 full treatment sessions of entire body head-to-toes and Renova’s lifetime guarantee)

Full Upper & Lower Body Special Offers
– $1,199 Full Upper-Body Laser Hair Removal Package 

(upper body areas: abs, chest, lower & upper back, shoulders, neck, face, arms, and underarms)

– $1,199 Full Lower-Body Laser Hair Removal Package 

(lower body areas: feet, lower & upper legs, full bikini of any kind, and buttocks)

Multi-Areas Special Offers

– $799 Full Face,  Neck & Underarms Laser Hair Removal Package

– $999 Full Bikini (including Brazilian Extended) , Lower Legs & Lower Arms Laser Hair Removal Package

– $899 Full Legs Laser Hair Removal Package

– $999 T.Shirt Laser Hair Removal Package

 To schedule your FREE consultation session or to inquire about other treatment areas please contact us by phone at: 832-831-7004 or by email at We look forward to providing you with the best care, most affordable pricing and above all, best laser hair removal results possible. Above laser hair removal specials are limited-time offers and may end without prior notice.